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Even the most creative minds need some fresh perspective to reach their target audience. These sessions focus on showcasing your brand like never before, so you can get out from behind the desk and get back to the real work, creating!

Relive every one of your milestones through the art of photography. This is where we create something unforgettable, ranging from lifestyle portraits to wedding coverage .

I love working with Megan because she is a visionary and she knows how to take my ideas and conceptualize them into images through photography. Additionally, she helps me to strategize a long term vision for my business and uses her creative skill set to enhance every aspect of my brand. I love her foresight. I love her creativity and how I can share my ideas and she takes them to the next level. It's great to work with someone who can use their gift as an asset. To anyone who is looking to have an impact on people where the impact goes beyond just imagery, Megan is the woman for the job.

- Dr. Kari W


This photographer is filled with life and creativity. I like that she has that something special that you want in your images. She can make any dream come alive. And I really like that you get so many images back. It is great and possibly even overwhelming. I had trouble choosing just one. Love! 

- Marilyn H


We used Megan Kelley as our Bar Mitzvah photographer twice and she surprised us every time with absolutely beautiful shots and excellent customer service! She did more than just taking pictures, she helped me preparing for the party and even cleaning up! Thank you, Megan for creating such a memorable moment in our life. I cannot imagine doing it without you!!!

- Jenny C


I absolutely love her services and have used them time and time again for any special events. This is our official family photographer and is worth every penny spent. I am worry free knowing there is not a corner she leaves unturned in capturing the day from details to interactions to emotions. I would recommend

- Ryan D


One word to describe Megan Kelley Photography... Exquisite! I did a Christmas photo shoot for my kids and the pictures were amazing! The photos looked straight from a magazine or postcard. Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at her images for yourself! Her ideas are so innovative and she really works well with children! She also has excellent turn around time for receiving your images! I can't wait for our next photo shoot!

- Auriel B


Photography is awesome. They not only capture the essence of your event, but they help bring it to life. They will always be my go-to contact for all my photography needs.

- Eulanda C



I would love to help you create something that moves your audience. Branding sessions or wedding coverage, documenting life as it happens and sharing it with the world is my passion. Let's connect today and talk about creating something fresh to get people talking!